Go8 Welcomes Senator Kim Carr Back

1 Jul 2013


The Group of Eight (Go8) welcomes the re-appointment of Senator Kim Carr as Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, and to his enlarged responsibility for Higher Education.

Go8 Chair Professor Fred Hilmer said, “A depth of understanding of contemporary research universities is essential for Australian policy advancement, and Senator Carr understands.”

Professor Hilmer noted that Senator Carr has been instrumental in improving indirect funding for research, as well as establishing the research quality assessment framework (Excellence in Research for Australia scheme).  The Senator’s efforts in the past have also been largely credited with fostering investments in bigger and better state-of-the art research facilities.

“We are confident that Senator Carr understands the imperative for Australia to keep pace with the world leaders in research in order to underpin national innovation.  We are also encouraged by his indication to revisit the May 2013 cuts to higher education,” Professor Hilmer added.