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The Group of Eight (Go8) has endeavoured to understand and inform public policy on higher education and university research in order to advance the capacity and reputation of Australia as a seat of global knowledge and innovation. To this end, the Go8 has produced numerous policy notes, discussion papers and backgrounders for a more informed and robust public debate.

22 Sep 2016
The Group of Eight (Go8) welcomes the opportunity to comment on the National Research Infrastructure Capability Issues Paper in support of the development of the 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap led by the Chief Scientist of Australia.

The Go8 has responded to the consultation paper outside of the prescribed template and authorizes it to be published alongside template-based submissions.

This decision primarily reflects two factors:

1 Mar 2012
Policy Papers

This paper shows that while the absolute amount of higher education research funding has grown significantly, the relative shares of research income and research block grant funding of the major university groupings in Australia has been largely unchanged over the past two decades, with most redistribution of shares occurring between non-Go8 institutions.