Benchmarking & Statistics

The Go8 is currently expanding its capability to collect and analyse statistical data. Results of that work will be released through the policy tools or publication pages.

At the broadest level the Go8 office and the Go8 member universities use national statistical indicators of the economic, environmental and social characteristics of Australia, drawn from a range of official and other sources. Data are important for planning, monitoring and evaluating levels of performance and changes in status.

Higher education data are drawn principally from the statistical collections of the Department of Education. It provides data about students, university staff and finance. The main source of international comparisons for Higher Education is the OECD. The Australian Bureau of Statistics collects and publishes data on research expenditure in universities every two years.

The Go8 Directors, Statistics and Planning from each of the member universities meet twice each year, and are working on projects to increase consistency of various types of statistical information for Go8 purposes, including for benchmarking and evaluation.