The Go8 Team

Ms Vicki Thomson is the Chief Executive of the Group of Eight (Go8) – Australia’s eight leading research-intensive universities -  taking up the role in January 2015.

Prior to this, she was Executive Director of the Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN).

Ms Thomson's diverse background covers print and electronic journalism, politics, issues management and the higher education sector. She has an extensive media, political and policy background and was Chief of Staff to a South Australian Premier.

She is a Board member of the European Australian Business Council and is a member of the Australian Government's New Colombo Plan Reference Group.

She is a former Board member of the Australia-China Council. She is also a member of MS Research Australia's Leadership Council, a small national group of people intended to help keep MS Research Australia's strategy contemporary and relevant. This passion is driven by her own personal experience of having a sister with the debilitating disease.

She has extensive experience in building relationships between business, industry and universities, and supporting increased access to university for people from all backgrounds.

In 2018 The Australian Financial Review named Ms Thomson as the second most powerful person in Australia’s higher education sector.


The Go8 Team

Dr Matthew Brown
Deputy Chief Executive, sends e-mail), (02) 6175 0708

  Dr Sally Nimon
 Director, Strategic Planning and Industry Policy, sends e-mail), (02) 6175 0710

  Ms Cheryl Kut
 Director, Research Policy, (link sends e-mail), (02) 6175 0709

  Mr Felix Pirie
 Director, Education and Equity, sends e-mail), (02) 6175 0707

  Ms Alex Kennedy
 Strategic Advisor, sends e-mail), (02) 6175 0703, 0439 444 639 (for media enquiries)

  Dr Ruth Lee Martin
 Director, Policy and Strategic Projects, (link sends e-mail), (02) 6175 0705, 0421 555 367

  Mr Kym Holthouse
 Project Officer, (link sends e-mail), (02) 6175 0714

  Dr Jane Liang
 International Strategy Adviser  

  Ms Tracey Hinchley
 Chief Operating Officer, (link sends e-mail), (02) 6175 0701

  Ms Sara Thomsen
 Executive Support Officer, sends e-mail), (02) 6175 0700

  General office number: (02) 6175 0700