Chile - Go8 Agreement on Human Capital Development

4 Feb 2008
Chile agreement

The Go8 Agreement with the Government of the Republic of Chile complements the Free Trade Agreement between the Australian and Chilean Governments which comes  into effect on 30 July 2008.

Under the Agreement, academically eligible students will enter Masters, PhD, English and teacher  training programs as well as postdoc research exchanges at Go8 universities.  The Agreement supports the Chilean Government’s efforts to ensure that students enrol in high quality research intensive institutions.

The  Government of Chile and Australia’s  Group of Eight universities (hereafter referred to as “the Parties”)

RECOGNISING a long standing relationship between the governments of Chile and Australia, and the need to strengthen and develop cooperation in the fields of Education,  Science, Technology and Innovation, under the Chilean Bicentennial Fund for  Human Capital Development;

CONSIDERING that this  understanding complements the government-to-government agreement on cooperation in the field of education and the Chapter of Cooperation of the Free Trade  Agreement between both countries;

AGREE the  following:

  In  response to the Government of Chile’s desire to increase access and promote  equal opportunities for Chilean students to advanced degree studies in  Australia, the Group of Eight universities with capacity to do so and subject  to each university’s own admission and selection processes, will provide  training to students who have been awarded scholarships by the Chilean  Government in the following programs:

Masters programs       Graduate students       TWO (2) Years      
PhD programs       Graduate students        FOUR (4) Years      
English training & faculty visits*       School system teachers       ONE (1) Semester**      
Exchange & internship       Academic staff and researchers       ONE (1) Semester or Year      
Thesis development       Master and PhD students       a period of up to 12 months      
Postdoctoral & sabbatical periods       Academic staff and researchers       ONE (1) or TWO (2) Years      

* Not all Go8 universities offer teacher training
* A period of up to six months

1.2  The program shall be known as the  “Chile-Australia’s Group of Eight (Go8) Agreement on Human Capital Development,  (hereafter the “Program”).

1.3  The Program will emphasise Chile’s needs to strengthen human  capital development and improve the scope and quality of education, scientific  & technological research and innovation, in areas associated with its  socio-economic development in order to improve its global competitiveness.

1.4  Priority fields of study for Chilean  scholarship recipients and joint research programs will include: Mining,  Offshore Technologies, Agriculture and Food Industry, Aquaculture and Fishing,  Tourism and Hospitality, Biotechnology, Information and Communication  Technologies, Energy, Environmental Issues, Health, Education, Housing and  Public Security.

1.5  Further fields of cooperation may be added by  mutual consent of the Parties.

  2.1  The Program will grant government scholarships  to up to 500 participants each year for Chilean students to enrol in Australia’s Group of Eight universities.

2.2  Australia’s Group of Eight  universities are invited to negotiate individual agreements with other Chilean  government agencies and educational institutions. This Agreement will not  affect in any case pre-existing agreements between member institutions of the  Parties and other Chilean government agencies or universities.

2.3  All member institutions of the Parties shall  be eligible for consideration as participants in the Program.

2.4  The Group of Eight will appoint a  facilitation agency in Chile  to assist in screening and processing applications, placement and enrolment,  visa application and pre-departure briefing; and liaison with the Government of  Chile where appropriate.

  3.1  The Government of Chile will:

  1. Determine each year, in collaboration with Australia’s Group of Eight universities and following merit-based application processes, the number of grants to be awarded during the following academic year.
  2. Cover living expenses (following advice from Australia’s Group of Eight universities) for scholarship holders while enrolled in Australia.
  3. Fund tuition fees for those students who are not granted financial awards from Australia’s Group of Eight universities where they intend to enrol. Individual Go8  universities will have the discretion to discuss and determine their own program financial support and assistance provisions.
  4. Provide roundtrip air ticket (economy) from Chile to the relevant study or research destination in Australia.
  5. Cover additional expenses incurred, by the selected grantees and/or their  dependants, as deemed necessary by the Chilean Government.
  6. Fund English language training courses in Chile for those who do not meet the language entrance requirements established by the enrolling Australian university.
  7. Provide living expenses for up to six months for scholarship holders in need of full-time English language proficiency courses in Australia.
  8. Cover administrative costs incurred for selection, data processing, supervision and monitoring of participants.

3.2  Chilean responsibilities towards Australian  graduate students, faculty members and researcher participants in exchange  programs in Chile:

  1. Facilitate the issue of study permits/visas to the participants and dependants for entry into Chile, subject to Chile’s laws and regulations, covering the duration of the program of study.
  2. Provide guidance to make their applications to Chilean universities appropriate to  each participant’s needs.
  3. Explore alternatives for Spanish language training in Chile for participants who may need it.

  4.1  Australia’s Group of Eight  universities will:

  1. Determine each year, in collaboration with the Bicentennial Committee for Human Capital Development, and following a merit-based application process, the number of student places to be awarded during the following academic year.
  2. With the cooperation of their facilitation agency in Chile, facilitate the issue of study permits/visas to the participants and  dependants for entry into Australia,  subject to Australia’s  laws and regulations, covering the duration of the program of study.
  3. Advise the Chilean Government on appropriate minimum levels of living expenses in each city.
  4. Seek support from member universities to include in their individual annex agreements to reduce or subsidise tuition and fees for students in the Program.
  5. Cover the administrative costs incurred in monitoring of participants at Go8 universities, including academic progress, and managing and arranging medical care, visa compliance and emergencies.
  6. Supply guidance as needed to participants to make their applications to Australia’s Group of Eight universities appropriate to each participant’s needs.
  7. Seek support from member universities to include in their individual annex agreements health insurance cover for participants and their dependants, in accordance with Australian requirements, laws and regulations.
  8. Negotiate matters with the Chilean Government concerning specific arrangements for students on these scholarships.
  9. Seek support from member universities to include in their individual agreements cover for a maximum of six months English language proficiency courses in Australia for scholarship recipients who may need training to improve their proficiency prior to beginning their academic programs.

  5.1  The Parties agree to periodically review and  evaluate the implementation of the Agreement
  by regularly exchanging information and advice about the implementation and  enhancement of
  the Program.

5.2  Review meetings shall be held in Chile or Australia as required.

5.3  Australia’s Go8 shall assist with  the implementation of the Agreement through:

  • Identification of programs in accordance with  Chilean requirements;
  • Dissemination of marketing activities in  support of the Agreement;
  • Providing support services for participant  recruitment, screening, selection, placement
       and enrolment.

  6.1  This Agreement shall enter into force upon  signature by both Parties, and shall remain in force for a term of five (5)  years, after which time it shall be renewed automatically for successive five  (5) year periods. Either Party may terminate this Agreement by providing  written notice to the other Party of its intention to terminate it. Following  the date of such notice, participants already in the Program shall be allowed  to complete their activities and all commitments made to them shall be fully  honoured.

6.2  This Agreement may be modified or amended after  consultation between and with the consent of both Parties.

6.3  Any difference regarding the application or  interpretation of this Agreement shall be settled by the Parties through mutual  consultation.

6.4  Each Party’s obligations under this Agreement  shall be subject to the availability of appropriated funds, resources and  personnel and to the applicable laws and regulations of
  each Party.

SIGNED  in Sydney, Australia on 29th July 2008.

Dr Michael Spence
The University of Sydney  
Mr Alejandro Foxley
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Republic of Chile