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Australia's first graduate recruitment portal in China went live today:

Go8-CSC MoU signed by Professor Paul Johnson and Dr Liu Jinghui

The Group of Eight (Go8) signed an MoU with the globally prestigious China Scholarship Council (CSC) on 15 April 2015, aiming to promote the two-way flow of university students and staff between Australia and China.

2014-2015 (第二轮)


2011年,当时的澳大利亚教育部长Chris Evans宣布提供给八校联盟100,000澳元,目的是在澳八校联盟和中国九校组织(Consortium of China Nine Research Universities (C9))之间建立一个新的领导能力提升项目(影子计划)。澳大利亚教育部这一举措积极认可和支持了Go8-C9的合作伙伴关系,以及肯定了中澳科研学术合作的生机和活力。这也是中澳两个大学组织间于2010年在复旦大学签署的合作协议的一个重要延伸。


澳大利亚教育部向Go8秘书处提供了$100,000澳元的资助,目的是在Go8和C9之间建立和开展一个‘Student Leadership in International Cooperation’ (SLIC) 项目,选拔出来一批澳Go8学生大使访问中国C9大学, 深入了解中国大学和中国留学机会,向教育部和Go8、C9大学提供促进双向学生流动和互动的政策建议。



ID-E Berlin logo

This workshop series is a joint initiative of the Group of Eight, the British Council, the German Academic Exchange Service, the Canadian Bureau for International Education in Berlin and the Free University in Berlin.

C9 and Go8

The Go8 has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to deepen its co-operation with the leading research universities in China, known as the C9.

Chile agreement

The Go8 Agreement with the Government of the Republic of Chile complements the Free Trade Agreement between the Australian and Chilean Governments which comes  into effect on 30 July 2008.


The Group  of Eight signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the European Molecular  Biology Laboratory (EMBL) on 29 March  2010.

The Go8 and EMBL have  undertaken to collaborate on the joint award of PhD qualifications in the  subject of molecular biology.

MOU 2010

The Go8 has signed an historic memorandum of understanding with the China 9 research universities.

The Group of Eight’s Memorandum of Understanding with Chile’s leading universities, represented by the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities, (CRUCH) commits the two groups to co-operation and dialogue in a number of areas including research commercialisation, technology transfer and qualifi