Go8 Vice-Chancellors and China 9 Presidents signed MoU

12 Oct 2010
MOU 2010

The Go8 has signed an historic memorandum of understanding with the China 9 research universities. The China 9 includes some of China’s leading researchintensive universities, which have been selected by the Chinese Government to receive intensive funding for investment in world class research infrastructure and staff, and they are the first choice for the very best Chinese school leavers.

At the undergraduate level, the Go8’s MoU effectively extends the China 9’s student exchange program to Go8 universities. Australian students will be able to spend a semester at an elite Chinese university and receive full credit towards their degrees. Likewise, some of China’s best students will come to Go8 universities in Australia on exchange, bringing their formidable talents and new perspectives on China–Australia engagement.

At the doctoral and post-doctoral level, the MoU creates exciting new opportunities for exchange, collaboration and linkages. It builds on the cooperative efforts of the China 9/Go8 Deans of Graduate Studies signed in 2009.