Go8 Response to the Draft Provider Standards Consultation Guide

1 Feb 2011

The Group of Eight (Go8) appreciates the opportunity to contribute to the consultation about the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) - Draft Provider Standards.

It is the Go8’s understanding that the various proposed standards are to be developed by a Standards Panel, independent of TEQSA, which will provide advice to the relevant Minister who will have the legislative power to create standards. With the advice gained through this consultation process to be provided to the Standards Panel. However, at this stage the legislative basis for the establishment of TEQSA and the Standards Panel has not passed through the Federal Parliament.

The Go8 recognises the draft provider standards are based largely on the existing National Protocols, which universities are required to provide evidence of compliance with as part of Australian University Quality Agency (AUQA) audit cycles. However, under the TEQSA legislation they will no longer be guidelines, rather they will become statutory instruments, and along with the AQF, will underpin TEQSA’s registration and regulatory activities...