The testosterone patch for women

28 Feb 2014
Looking through a microscope

Over the last four years the Women’s Health Program at Monash Universiy has made a significant contribution internationally to the understanding of the physiological role of testosterone in women. The research data generated by the program has underpinned the progression of this field in terms of clinical practice and drug development. The research output from this group has provided key information for the position statements of the North American Menopause Society (considered the peak professional body for midlife women’s health) and the US Endocrine Society. 

Furthermore, this body of work has addressed the efficacy and safety of testosterone in women, has supported the development of testosterone as a therapeutic option for women and the development of the testosterone patch for women. The chief investigator, Susan Davis, has led several studies of the effectiveness and safety of transdermal testosterone therapy for women. The research has culminated in the approval of the testosterone patch for women by European Medicines.