Social and cultural

The Group of Eight (Go8) activities have given rise to unprecedented collaboration and cooperation among Australia’s leading universities, the results of which manifest themselves in an array of social, cultural and economic developments that, directly or indirectly, benefit Australia, the region and the world. This section contains information on those contributions.

28 Feb 2014
Monash University
Looking through a microscope

Over the last four years the Women’s Health Program at Monash Universiy has made a significant contribution internationally to the understanding of the physiological role of testosterone in women. The research data generated by the program has underpinned the progression of this field in terms of clinical practice and drug development. The research output from this group has provided key information for the position statements of the North American Menopause Society (considered the peak professional body for midlife women’s health) and the US Endocrine Society. Furthermore, this body of work...

28 Feb 2014
UNSW Sydney
The University of Adelaide

Australia has a high prevalence of asthma and there is evidence that proactive management and care planning can improve health outcomes. In 2001, the Australian Government introduced the Asthma 3+ Visit Plan to better support asthma care. However, the model of care implemented had never been formally tested and participation in the program began to decline. University of NSW researchers collaborated with GPs to investigate why this was the case and found the major barriers to greater uptake were the complexity and administrative work of the program, as well as the requirement for a patient to...

1 Oct 2009

The 1957 Murray Report on Australian Universities makes important and sustained arguments about the relationship between universities and society, which are still relevant today. Given the current level of consultation and debate around higher education and research policy and the role of universities, the Go8 has digitised and made the report (now out of print) available on the Go8 website, with the permission of the House of Representatives Tables Office.