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Accessibility features of this web site

This page highlights some of the accessibility features in the Group of Eight web site, including:

  • changing the text size
  • using ‘jump’ links to skip navigation or content blocks
  • using access keys to navigate
  • other design and programming features

These features are built into the Go8 web design templates, and should work on any subsite that uses the templates.

If you encounter an accessibility problem on a Go8 web page, please contact the web team and let us know: telephone +61 2 6175 0700 or email: admin@go8.edu.au.

You can change the size of text on this site by following the instructions provided below.

Use the ‘jump’ links to skip navigation or content blocks.

Changing the size of text

Instructions for Windows PC users with Internet Explorer
  1. Select Internet Options from the View or the Tools menu, depending on your browser
  2. Click on the Accessibility button
  3. Click the Ignore fonts now showing on web pages box so that it now shows a tick
  4. Click OK
  5. Click OK again to close Internet Options
  6. Select the View option from the Menu bar
  7. Select the Text Size option
  8. Choose the text size you prefer

Other design and programming features

The following features are standard parts of the Go8’s web publishing templates:
  • Validated XHTML 1.0 Transitional code is used for the all templates.
  • Cascading style sheets (CSS) are used for presentation and layout of content.
  • Text is used for headings and links.
  • Relative text sizes are used. The user can resize fonts if required. Content text is black against a white background for improved readability. No italics are used.
  • Links behave consistently (rollover, visited links). Links are not identified by colour alone: underline, rollover behaviour and layout provide additional visual cues.
  • Platform- and language-neutral W3CDom scripting to allow programs and scripts to dynamically access and update the content, structure and style of documents.
  • Navigation menus and forms work properly with or without javascript.
When creating web pages based on the templates, Go8 staff are expected to:
  • Use standard XML-based structural markup to denote content changes, such as lists and headings
  • Add alt text and captions to all images.
  • Insert titles to provide additional information about links. Use acronym, abbreviation and other tags to explain language and concepts.
  • Ensure the page uses validated code and style sheets.  Include table headers and summaries for tables that display data.
  • Label all forms, use explicitly associations with input elements and provide instructional text to help with searching and submitting data.