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Go8 International Connections:

The Go8 has numerous international alliances and agreements with universities and research organisations in Brazil, China (with the C9), Chile, France and Germany. The Go8 works closely with university groups in the UK, Canada, the US and Japan and is a member of GRIUN.

The Go8 is a signatory to the prestigious Hefei statement which links it to elite university groups around the world.

Go8 students:

For comprehensive information on being accepted as an international Go8 student please make direct contact with your university of choice using the links provided below.

  • The Go8 is home to one in three of the international students who choose to study on-shore in Australia
  • The Go8 educates over 100,000 international students from 200 countries
  • The Go8 accepts quality international students who become quality graduates and international leaders of tomorrow

For detailed study information please contact the university of your choice.

The Go8 is proud of its commitment to excellence: accepting quality students from all backgrounds who become quality graduates; the leaders of tomorrow, in Australia and internationally.

The Go8 educates 380,000 students – more than a quarter of all higher education students in Australia. It graduates some 96,000 quality graduates each year.

Its student cohort includes 100,000 international students from some 200 countries, with one in three of Australia’s international students choosing to study at a Go8 university.

Go8 universities educate more than half of Australia’s doctors, dentists and vets and provide some 55 per cent of Australia’s science graduates and more than 40 per cent of Australia’s engineering graduates.

More than one third of Go8 students (across all levels of study) are the first in their family to attend university. One in five commencing undergraduates are from a low SES, regional or remote location. (Over 30,000 Australian students from a regional and remote location study at a Go8 university).

Go8 bachelor completion rates are higher than other universities with all Go8 members listed in the top 11 for completions).

Go8 post graduate education:

The Go8 leads in post graduate education, enrolling more than one third of all post graduate students, and almost half of all students in higher degrees by research.

Go8 universities award half of all doctorates in Australia.