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Go8 Media Release: Go8 to deliver on Government’s determined innovation and impact push

The Group of Eight (Go8) has today convened a meeting in Canberra of its commercialisation executives from around Australia. The meeting is being attended by a number of its Vice Chancellors and DVC-s Research. Throughout the course of the day the group will also meet with Ministers and departmental representatives.

“Today we are addressing ‘Innovation 2016’ – our 2016 work-plan that will support the Government’s innovation and industry engagement agenda. It is important to focus on how much can be achieved through this Government’s commitment to our sector and what it can deliver for Australia, and to ensure a comprehensive Go8 work-plan to reflect that,” says Go8 Chief Executive, Vicki Thomson.

“The Go8 currently produces 80% of the university sector’s commercialisation income. The Go8 has been highly successful in ensuring our basic research has a significant and global impact for the community. As an example, in 2014 just three spin-offs alone generated some $2Billion.

“Go8 research income from industry is twice that of the rest of the sector combined. However, we do accept and understand there is much more to be done, and that the Government, under Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull expects us to do much more,” she said.

“We may lead the sector, but we know we can always do much better,” says Ms Thomson. “We must. We do have a very strong contribution to make. That is what is behind today’s ‘Innovation 2016’ meeting. It is what was behind our statement yesterday welcoming the Government’s determination to ensure an assessment of research impact.”

Ms Thomson said the Go8 had a comprehensive suite of well-researched ideas and plans relating to increased industry collaboration, commercialisation, start-ups, and incentives for small business and investors. “It is planned that the group will make final decisions on some of those today and later they will be provided to Government as part of our contribution to the broader economic debate, in addition to innovation specifically,” she said.

Contact: Vicki Thomson, Group of Eight Chief Executive on +61 438 047 155

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