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Go8 Media Release: Infinite opportunities from Innovation Statement lead to Go8 advertising

For only the second time since its inception, the Group of Eight (Go8) has today chosen to use paid media advertising (*attached) to communicate its views on the future of university research in Australia.

“As Australia’s leading research intensive universities, we feel strongly that what we can deliver for Australia and the world, in this new era of Government commitment to research and innovation – as set out in yesterday’s National Innovation and Science Agenda – is worth stating to the community,” says Group of Eight Chief Executive Vicki Thomson.

“As a group we do see infinite opportunities available to all sectors of the community if the values and determination that underpin yesterday’s statement are followed through,” she says. “It won’t all be easy however increased collaboration, restored funding, incentives for investors, and a whole of Government long-term commitment is a direction worth being enthusiastic about.”

Ms Thomson said the Go8’s existing commitment to innovation was large with 80% of the sector’s commercialisation income. “Importantly the Go8’s income from industry research which embraces collaboration is twice that of the rest of the sector combined, so we have a solid base from which to escalate our collaboration and innovation agenda.”

The Go8’s agenda, “Innovation 2016” was delivered to Minister Pyne on 25 November. The Go8 plan includes:

·         The creation of a $200m early stage commercialisation fund;

·         Expanding participation in internship programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate level;

·         Drafting elements of a reward and recognition framework for academics that promotes the symbiosis between

           excellent fundamental research and impact research that delivers outcomes for the community;

·         Establishing an Industry/Innovation Board to help the Go8 implement its strategy; and

·         Supporting the development of a national research impact assessment mechanism.

“History shows that paid media is something the Go8 does rarely,” says Ms Thomson. “We have done so today because establishing our position relative to the Innovation Statement was seen as vital. We can indeed be as optimistic for the future as the Prime Minister if all sectors work collaboratively.”


Contact: Vicki Thomson, Group of Eight Chief Executive on +61 417 808 472

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