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Go8 Media Release: The Group of Eight hosts Chinese Graduate Employability Forum in Shanghai

The Group of Eight hosts Chinese Graduate Employability Forum in Shanghai

The Group of Eight (Go8) is hosting 57 of China’s major companies at an Employability Forum aimed at ensuring the valued employability of its quality graduates when they return to China.

“The Go8 has been enthused by the response to our forum, co-hosted by Austrade, from China’s major companies including Alibaba, Johnson & Johnson, China Eastern Airlines, Apple, HSBC China, American Express, and Bluescope,” says Go8 Chief Executive Vicki Thomson.

The Forum will also discuss the Chinese employment outlook and future business demands for graduates.

“We intend to listen closely to what Chinese companies see as their future graduate requirements and their experience with our graduates. The Go8’s relationship with China and its most prestigious universities are strong and thriving and we are always aware that some 82 percent of our Chinese graduates return home to find employment.

We have a commitment to excellence and take our responsibilities to those graduates, our valued Chinese alumni, seriously. It is important for us to continue to seek input from them and potential employees about what we can do better and what we do best.”

A recent report released by UniCareer, a leading Chinese e-learning career development platform, found that more than 80- percent of Chinese Graduates were employed within six months of returning to China.

The Report on the Employability Survey of Chinese Returnees 2019 released last month analysed the status quo and future trends of Chinese returnees in various areas such as career development and job expectations. It also surveyed international and Chinese companies in China about their recruitment of Chinese returnees

It found that 70 percent of surveyed companies attach a great importance to the recruitment of Chinese returnees and some 80 percent preferred to hire a returnee who had undertaken at least two internships.

Private companies have become the primary employers of Chinese returnees, with increasing salaries being offered at start-up companies.

 “We know Chinese employers welcome the adaptability and international vision of graduates who have studied offshore. We also know that the skills required to be a valued employee are changing rapidly as we, for example, embrace the world of AI and machine learning, and because employees today choose to be far more mobile, and can have many different careers,” said Ms Thomson.

A number of Go8 alumni are also attending the forum to communicate how studying at the Go8 has influenced their career outcomes. “The Go8 has stressed to the alumni that we do need to hear exactly how their study has worked for them ‘back home’”, said Ms Thomson. “Studying overseas is a large financial commitment and students deserve value for money from that investment in their future. The Go8 is committed to staying flexible, so that we continue to offer the quality education required in such a fast-paced economy, that is China.”

Media contact:  Vicki Thomson Go8 Chief Executive (+61) 407 808 472