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Go8 Media Release: Go8 pleased its above-world-class research effort recognised yet again in ARWU top 100 – research which has direct benefits to job creation and productivity

The latest Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) results – which focus on research performance – has seven of the Group of Eight (Go8) members in the world’s top 100.  Vicki Thomson, Go8 Chief Executive, says “this result is not only recognition for Go8 efforts, but a win for Australia’s economy.

“The ARWU are considered the world’s most prestigious rankings, and against all odds they indicate that the  Go8 continues to strengthen Australia’s standing.

“While the Go8 rankings are strong, they bely the real strength of the universities as the engine room of research productivity with its world-leading researchers judged by the impact of their work, and publication rate.”

Ms Thomson said that Go8 publication rate results show five Go8 universities in the world’s top 35, out- performing globally top 10 ranked universities such as Berkeley, MIT, Caltech, Princeton and the University of Chicago.

“For instance, for highly-cited researchers – those researchers whose work is most referenced by other researchers – the Go8 has three members in the world’s top 50 with the University of Melbourne and the University of Queensland both out-performing globally top 10 ranked universities such as Caltech, Princeton and the University of Chicago,” she said.

“In total the ARWU results show the Australian community what a wise investment university research funding is on their behalf. Our global standing gives the Go8 a seat at the table of cutting-edge international research to ensure Australia is not left behind in fast-developing disruptive technologies such as genomics, space and AI.

“It also gives our next generation workforce the best chance to be successful in a changing economy.  This underpinning of Australia’s economic future does not happen without ‘pushing the envelope’ of what available funding can deliver in a fiscally constrained environment,” she said.

“The Go8 is committed to working with the government and industry to ensure that Australia’s university research remains robust, so that can be reflected yet again in next year’s ARWU results.”

Contact:               Vicki Thomson, Group of Eight Chief Executive on +61 417 808 472