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Media release: Go8 looks forward to working with new ALP Ministry to boost Australia’s prosperity

Australia’s leading research-intensive universities look forward to working collaboratively with new Government Ministers across a range of portfolios to deliver what is needed for the nation’s economy, health and the living standards of our community.

Group of Eight Chief Executive Vicki Thomson welcomed the appointment of UNSW alumni Jason Clare as Minister for Education. “His long-standing commitment to improving the lives of Australians through education will help ensure universities can continue to deliver the quality teaching, ground-breaking research and social support necessary for Australia to meet the challenges ahead.”   

“The influence of our universities however extends far beyond the education portfolio, and public policy in areas including industry and employment, foreign affairs, defence and health will determine how universities can contribute to the prosperity of the nation.”

The Group of Eight will work closely with all relevant Government Ministers to progress its series of policy recommendations – Essential Decisions for National Success – developed with business and industry in the lead up to the federal election, which are vital to Australia’s future.

“Australian research universities are critical to all aspects of our nation’s future economic and social well-being. Research drives the prosperity of modern, engaged, successful countries and will be critical to finding effective solutions to the challenges increasingly impacting societies across the globe, such as climate change, global pandemics, skills shortages and national security, among others.

“For example, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed how much Australia relies on imports to supplement our locally grown talent base.  Australia is facing serious challenges to maintaining capacity in essential areas of workforce need, the engineering and medical workforce among them.

“The Go8 is in a strong position to make an important contribution to policy development in this area and looks forward to playing a key role in the Government’s upcoming Employment Summit. 

“A renewed focus on Australia’s world class higher education sector in the post COVID-19 world is needed to reposition the sector to better meet the needs of industry and the economy.  It will also boost economic growth, foster foreign diplomacy and strengthen Australia’s national security.”

Contact: Vicki Thomson, Group of Eight Chief Executive on +61 417 808 472