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Media release: Research a key pillar of Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy

Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy 2023-2030 recognises that our world class research universities are integral to the nation becoming a global leader in cyber innovation.

Cyber Security is central to the prosperity of a modern, competitive and productive Australia, and the Group of Eight supports this national approach.

As noted in the Go8 submission, high quality research – to enable both the identification of new approaches and to keep pace with advancements developed elsewhere – must form a foundational part of any successful cyber security approach and this has been reflected in the Strategy.

“Quality research not only helps keep us at the cutting edge but can also be leveraged to develop new products and technologies through commercialisation,” said Go8 Deputy Dr Matthew Brown.

“Facilitating greater collaboration between high quality university research, industry and government is critical to maximizing Australia’s capability. As the Strategy notes, these partnerships allow Australia to raise our aspirations regarding what we can achieve, and advance our position as a global leader.

“And we do need to be aspirational. This is a fast moving area and Australia’s research intensive universities will be key to driving world leading cyber research and innovation, to tackling cyber security problems, as well as leveraging opportunities in AI and quantum computing.

“We look forward to working with Government on the implementation of this Strategy to contribute to Australia’s prosperity, security and wellbeing,” said Dr Brown.

Contact: Dr Matthew Brown, Group of Eight Deputy Chief Executive on +61 422 937 663