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In the media: No Impediments to Passing Landmark University Reform

Getlearning.com.au,  16 March 2015

By getlearning.com.au editor
The Federal Government’s decision to delink its 20% of funding cuts for Australia’s universities – and the future of NCRIS research funding – from the vital fee deregulation legislation is sensible, and is welcomed by the Go8.

“This legislation is critical to the future of quality teaching for students, and quality research for our nation’s economy. For it to fail is unthinkable,” says Vicki Thomson, Chief Executive of the Group of Eight.

“These concessions by the Government should now pave the way for the Bill to pass unimpeded without the distraction of funding cuts. The Senate can now concentrate on the core principle of the  much needed reform –  fee deregulation and that of making sure universities can be funded properly.

“The present funding model is broken. University funding is an investment in Australia’s future. The Go8 implores the Senate to this week make the right decision for every student and for Australia.”

Source: http://www.getlearning.com.au/index.php/news/item/3414-no-impediments-to-passing-landmark-university-reform


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